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DBR Prod is a music production company specialized in 5.1 (and more) surround formats.

SURROUND MUSIC is the next step after stereo: it is multichannel music, especially mixed and mastered for devices with front and rear speakers like Home Theaters and 5.1-kits. The result ? An immersive experience which sounds more than great.

With our know-how and thanks to the cooperation of artists, we can produce music files which you can listen on equipments with multiple speakers, i.e. most of the time 5.1.

You have a Home Theater and you don't have true surround music : go to www.mysurround.com. We have a partnership. We don't sell ourselves anything online.

If you are a musician or a band, first visit www.mysurround.com then if you are interested, email artist@mysurround.com.

If you are from the press & medias: email press@mysurround.com

Because we have spent a lot of time to perform tests of several audio encoding technologies, we came to define our quality standards, we thus proudly put our logo on our productions. We can produce surround music for download and for streaming.

For those still using CDs, we have developed a specific knowledge on a "Surround CD"(tm), i.e. WAV-like files which, once burnt on a CD, can play 5.1 surround music on most equipment if linked digitally.

This DBR logo on the left-hand side is our trademark for surround music. We also put a dbr pre-extension (dbr.wav, dbr.ac3, dbr.wma, etc) on our files.

Enjoy !

DBR Prod


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